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Windsurf & Sailing
Wind surf & sailing
The popularity of the Garda as the ideal place for sailers and surfers derives mainly from the powerful winds that cross it. The differences of temperature between the Po plain and the Alpine Arc create great movements of air that channel in the funnel of Garda, generating thermal powerful and regular winds: a manna for the passionate of sail! The sailors can rely on the Circolo vela Torbole il or on the Fraglia of Riva, while the passionate of Surf can lean on the Circolo Surf Torbole, on the Windsurf Conca, the school of Vasco Renna or that one of Marco Segnana, all close to the Hotel


The morning wind which blows from the north towards south comes from the warm air of the mountains that goes in the direction of the Val Padana, cooled off during the night. It is developed at dawn in order to finish when the sun begins to warm the plain, around nine o'clock in the morning. Taking advantage of the temperature differences mountain/plain and night/day, the Pelèr is one of the strongest winds blowing on the lake, getting 6-7 knots and therefore it is appreciated from the passionate which get up very early in the morning in order to go surfing with the one board and take the maximum advantage of this wind.


It is the most famous wind of the Garda. It travels from south towards north and it begins little after midday in order to finish at the end of the afternoon. It comes from the warm air of the plain that travels towards the colder Alps. The Ora develops the maximum of the own force in the high part of the lago, direction Pier-Torbole. Its getting 4-5 knots and you can feel it until Trento.


The Ponal is a summery wind that comes from the warm air of the "Val di Ledro" which suddenly flows on the Garda in direction North through the valletta of the Ponale, from which it takes the name. Typical is the white foam which this wind creates on the water of the Garda in the zone of the Ponale, that allows to the expert eye to preview the arrival.
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